Tarsha's Treasures

Harper Joy

Tarsha's Treasure Chest was born in early 2008 while I was an AmeriCorps*VISTA at Hillview. I needed a catchy caption for a small box of treasures incentives I had for kids in the Give, Save, Spend program I ran. I thought it was kind of cheesy, but it worked.

Then in the of fall 2008, I decided to blog about my adventures as a nanny, so my family could be 'in the know'. Since these stories would be my own treasures, Tarsha's Treasure Chest was carried over as the name of my blog. I even started thinking of it as cool. :) I'd write about the kids, my family, and share poems, quotes and little pieces that represented me. Tarsha's Treasure Chest ~ my own little virtual place in the world where I store my treasures in pictures and words.

It took on a whole new meaning in the fall of 2009 as we started building my very own treasure chest. Harper Joy (see Tiny House tab) became a real physical treasure chest, encompassing so many things I love, built with so many people I love.

And then in the early spring of 2010, I incorporated another passion into my Treasure Chest. They also go by ta-tas, boobies, second base, or simply breast. I walked another 60 miles and raised another $2300 in the Susan G. Koman for the Cure with my friend Kristina in Boston on July 23-25. Our team name ~ Keep Our Treasure Chests!

In 2016, a new creative outlet turned into another treasure.  My boyfriend remedied my desire to decorate simply with vinyl decals by gifting me a vinyl cutter. I soon began placing the vinyl on walls, vehicles and old pallets in my home and others. The first signs I made for others were gifts. What started as just a creative outlet for gift giving soon evolved into family and friends insisting on paying me "for the materials".  Friends and family of my friends and family started placing orders and Here's Your Sign is now booked for an artisan fair and craft fair for the Christmas season.  Tell me your favorite saying or verse and your color scheme and I'll create a sign for your home, office or vehicle.  I am currently specializing in family scrabble signs. I love to incorporate family and friendship into all my signs.

Each and every treasure is a blessing God granted me that I stand in awe of. Leave a comment and let me know you stopped by, or just stalk from afar, but enjoy my treasures as I do.