Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bear Hugs, Band Aids and Bible Study

All are good for the soul and help you feel better! On the way home from school yesterday Miss Aliya decided to start telling me about Joycie. Well first she said, "I'll let Matthew tell you a little about her first." Matt said Joycie gave big squeezes. Aliya took the floor back and told me all about them. I asked if she would demonstrate on me. She opted to show me on Matt.
I saw Aliya had a little nick on the bridge of her nose, so I mentioned it. Big mistake folks! I got another story about how it happened over the weekend, its sore, and she probably needs a band-aid. I explained how a band-aid works, (you know covering wounds and keeping them from germs, not little nicks that have scarred already and will be gone in no time) and how this nick didn't really qualify for a band-aid. Not to mention the fact that a Scooby Doo band-aid over the bridge of your nose will REALLY draw attention to you! She insisted and I figured if it makes her feel better, why not?! After all, I was the little girl who made casts for my fingers and arms with paper towels and tape to pretend I was injured. :)
Matthew and I made thank you cards for all 12 kids he received gifts from at his party. I made the cards on the computer and personalized them with each kids name and the gift they gave. We also took a picture of him opening each gift to include in the card so the kids will see how happy he was. Matthew signed his name 12 times and wrote each kids name on the envelope! I was so proud of him and couldn't wait for him to show his parents (way more excited than he was even). They were amazed and I felt like he was my own! :)
I had Bible study last night and I enjoyed my time there. The people are so nice and the fellowship is great. I tend to get restless sitting, so I brought my crocheting! I felt like my mother and probably looked like an old lady, but I go 2 more rows done and stayed focused. Its really coming along nice and seeing as it is for a 3ft 8in boy, I am almost done. (The goal is to be able to wrap him in it) I'll continue onto Aliya's after that.
My New Zealand trip plans for April have changed. My friend Sarah, who I was going with, probably isn't going anymore. :( I'm just sitting with it for now, and considering another option I have for a trek outside of the US of A! More to come...
P.S. I miss my babies in Maine like you wouldn't believe. I have officially begun to crave them!

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