Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"Twosday is a number too Tarsha!"

Matthew and I always discuss our week, our day, and our next hour(s), especially when he has an event. Thursday is Teamworks, where he plays soccer for 45 minutes with about 15 other kids his age. Teamworks is a big deal and we start talking about the next time after it is finished each week. Yesterday on the way home from preschool he asked what we had planned. He mentioned Teamworks, so I started to sketch out our week. When I mentioned Tuesday and Wednesday separated us from Thursday, he mentioned that Tuesday was also a number. I was baffled for a few seconds before digging really deep and saying the word out loud. :) "Right Matthew, Tuesday does sound like Two-sday."

Aliya had the day off from school for Veteran's Day. I decided to venture into Boston to the Museum of Science. I packed up the kids, our lunches and my handy-dandy Navigator! We saw a 3-D shark show, an optical illusion explanation, dressed up as Bees and hung out in honeycomb. There were lots of Military people there today with various exhibits, including one man who showed the children his prosthetic leg. I thought I was going to have to carry them out. They just starred like it was magic. They got an explanation and saw more pictures of the process. We had a great time and I had some very tired kids on my hands when we left. Here are some pictures. Enjoy and notice the boys haircut! So handsome :)
As I walked the streets around the museum I was reminded of my first trip this summer. I took 6 of my Aspirations Club boys (AKA 15 year old boys with their own agenda). Today was far easier than that day! I do miss all the kids from the Aspirations Club at Hillview though! And of course the office staff, my friends Deb, Shari, Carla and Reta!

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