Monday, December 1, 2008

Breaking the Rules

"I can't tell anyone her name, its one of the rules. My teacher said. And I never break the rules. Brief pause... We'll sometimes, but not this time." (Aliya referring to her Advent Friend)

"I broke the rules once. At Friendly's."

"Matthew, you can't break rules at Friendly's. They don't have rules cause their FRIENDLY!"

Right back at her. "Well once when I went with Tarsha we got our lunch and our ice cream AT THE SAME TIME!"
This is the conversation I heard on the way home from school today. I would have to agree with Aliya and say I never break the rules either. Or maybe I'll agree with Matthew that it has only happened once. That one time at Friendly's of course! :)

It was nice to see the kids today. Matthew wanted me to help decorate the house (the entire house that is) for Christmas. We read some Christmas stories and I told him I was going to the North Pole this weekend on the Polar Express. "I'm gonna tell my mom I wanna go. I'll be right back. I'm gonna tell daddy right now." He heads down stairs and says "Dad, Tarsha is going to the North Pole on a train ride this weekend, can we go?" I didn't hear Dad's response, but Matt came up and said " I'll see if mom wants to go and then we can go to the North Pole." We went to the mall to shop for their parents. I want to buy them an ornament the kids can record a song on or say something cute into, that they'll have forever. We didn't find an ornament, but we did take my absolute favorite kind of pictures! I love these booths, and have since I saw Beaches with Bette Midler, back in the day. I have them with my sisters, friends, boyfriends, and even had one scheduled for that wedding I planned. Someday! And now, I also have one with my little prince!
I must have felt reminiscent today because I bought the Let's Go Fishin' game at KB Toys. I saw it and remember fighting, I mean playing it, with my sisters. Remember this Tricia and Trina?!
Aliya was also happy to see me when I picked her up from school. She ran and jumped right into my arms. We were right back at it after our 5 day hiatus. We've got Polar Express to watch this week and a gingerbread house to make sometime in the next few weeks!

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