Friday, January 30, 2009

Aliya and the Chipmunks

Aliya got a new CD for selling a Reader's Digest in the school magazine sales drive. It is the Alvin and the Chipmunks CD. I have heard the entire CD 4,256 times through, (that's estimating) and a few select songs more than that.
In a way, Alvin's character and the CD are appropriate representations of our little life here. Instead of the well known "AAAAAALLLLVIIIIIIINN!!!!!!" that Dave yells to get Alvin's attention when he goes off on a tangent, I often find myself saying (not yelling so much as being obnoxious to actually get her attention) AAAAALLLLLIIIIIIIIYYYYAAAAAA when she goes off on a tangent. These tangents are usually after a task has been discussed (clean up time) and involve escaping to her bedroom, making a new mess, and/or hiding toys as a way of 'taking care of them'. Much like Alvin, Aliya has always got an agenda, her enthusiasm is boundless and despair bottomless. She always has off-the-cuff play ideas, which she narrates to her brother, (so he'll know what to do) and can come up with an injury that is probably the worst anyone has ever had. She often forgets to limp or baby her injuries and then forgets about them before too long, or until next time. Never and always are well used words in her vocabulary! "I never get to play what I want" and "he always gets to pick first" are some examples. Also, like Alvin, Aliya is the leader of the group she is in. She'll take the lead and start playing, dancing, singing, marching, etc.
After 2,225 times of Alvin and the Chipmunks playing through, I asked Aliya what she knew about the Chipmunks.
Aliya: "Alvin is aways getting in trouble, Simon is smart, but Theodore is the smartest and nicest. He is always reading a book. "
Me: "Oh I like him the best then. We want husbands like that someday, dont we?! A smart and nice man who reads a lot."
Aliya: "Well, um, Eric is like that Tarsha. He's smart and nice. He can dance and sing..."

She lost me after that. I am so glad her Eric is everything she wants him to be. I hope she finds this in a real man someday and is not disappointed! :)

I rented the Kit Kittredge movie from redbox for $1 a night! I had the kids later last night, so after dinner we watched it. Kit lived during the Great Depression and her parents took in borders to make ends meet. One of the borders -a lady- was always introducing herself to men, mentioning she was Miss not Mrs., and inquiring about if these men had wives. Kids don't notice these things, but after several obvious gestures, I giggled and said, "She is looking for a husband!" Matthew didn't miss a beat and said, "Just like you!" Yup, just like me... but I hope I don't act like this lady did, she was truly obnoxious!

The boy is feeling better. He missed soccer yesterday but cried when I said skiing would be a lot of work for him. He chirpped up after getting his sister at school and so I got him ready for skiing lessons. I figured the worst that could happen was he would need to stop lessons early. Oh no, he got through lessons like a champ and did great. I caught some on camera and will upload later.

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