Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A new start - 2009

Miss Aliya lost her first tooth! She is pretty proud, as she announced when I saw her on Sunday "It happened last year Tarsha! It was still December!" Apparently it happened at 8:30pm on Dec. 31st, so technically she's right! I was on my computer when she came into my room and crawled right in with me. So, I turned on my web cam to capture her full cuddle and the space where the tooth use to be! :)

Today was day 2 of the normal schedule after such a long vacation. Matt and Aliya were right back to there old routine like they hadn't missed a beat. However, Aliya has found some great new listening ears and a longer attention span! Imagine that?! I couldn't be happier! Samantha (and her constant needs) remain a top priority and topic of conversation. Believe it or not, Samantha needs a winter coat and ski suit. Who would have thought?! The kids start ski lessons on Thursday and Aliya is insisting Samantha join her. I tried to talk to her about needing to have some Aliya time to focus on Aliya skiing, to no avail. I'll have to defer to Mom and Dad on this one.

Matthew is so excited to ski. He went with his Dad on Sunday and was disappointed he couldn't go on the jumps with the snowboarders. Have I mentioned this was his first time on skis? He is now the proud owner of all the gear, so I expect in no time, based on his athletic ability, he will be on the jumps with the snowboarders! :)

I made American Chop Suey for dinner. I haven't been mixing it up and adding new things lately, so I decided to try again. Matt asked me "have I tried it before?" I told him he had eaten all of the things in it, and liked them, so he should like it. He said "OK Tarsha, I'll eat it ALL!" And he did! That's my little man!

I brought Matthew to a Dermatologist appointment yesterday. He has eczema and has been itching/scratching/digging at night a lot. He looked so cute in the johnny. I meant to take a picture, but it started and was over so fast, I didn't get a chance. He was anxious about going and kept telling me (as if telling me over and over would make it true) "Tarsha they aren't going to give me a shot, just some special lotion to stop the itching and make me feel better." I made sure to clarify with the nurse and the Dermatologist, as soon as they came into the room, that there were indeed NO SHOTS, just special lotion to stop the itching and help Matthew feel better.


Joycie said...

Just LOOK at my cute little Ally with no tooth! She's been waiting a long time to have a loose tooth. How exciting! Joycie

Joycie said...

AND, don't you both look so cute in your ski gear.

Matthew, I'm so proud of you for eating American chop suey. Isn't it great that Tarsha can cook so many great and yummy things?

Wish I was there!