Friday, January 23, 2009

My Snow Angel

The Boy: Ya know what Tosha?
Me: I know Matthew your smart and cute!
The Boy: Your not cute Tosha, your beautiful! :)

How did he know I needed that today?! We went sledding Tuesday afternoon. It was fun and I was excited to wear my new snow gear. (Thank you Tanya and Daddy!) It was getting dark and we spent a few minutes at the end at the bottom of the hill. I started yelling Matt's name so he could hear the echo. He thought it was great and yelled my name too.

We went sledding again today and made snow angels. It was fun, but a lot of work. Matt decided I would be his way back up the hill. He came up with a brilliant idea that he should ride the sled as I pulled it back up the hill. It worked , because those short little legs take a long time up a snowy hill, but I got tired quickly! So towards the end of our little sledding adventure, Matthew says my name loud. I look at him and he does it again and says, "I can hear our shadow." Hear? Shadow? Aaahhhhh, I know. Echo!

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