Sunday, January 11, 2009


Stempershoot? Whats stempershoot, you ask? Well its stewardship actually, but who could expect a 4 year old to remember a BIG word like that?! We started the Crown Financial Ministries lessons this week. There first lesson is on stewardship: taking care of what we have because it all belongs to God. We watched a short video, read a little (from the Bible and a workbook) and discussed what stewardship means. The kids both got it and tried very hard to find ways they have been, and will be good, stewards. Then, as a follow-up, I kept asking them (every few hours) what the word was and its meaning. Matthew put on his thinking face and then blurted out "Stempershoot!" Love, love, love these children!
We also started the give, save, spend aspect of the Crown lesson. Aliya got $1.35 from the Tooth Fairy and they both got $0.50 for helping take down their Christmas tree. I paid them with change so we could split it up to put different amounts in each container. Matt and Aliya both enjoyed this part! We'll have to see how they like taking it out of the give container and giving it at church! :)

Ski lessons started this week. It was cold but they sure did look cute all dressed up in ski gear. The girl was not so impressed (as you can see), but the boy was excited. They had lessons for an hour and the first thing they both said to me when they saw me was, "I'm hungry Tarsha!" I was right on it and have never seen them eat everything in front of them so fast. Note the little green ski passes on their zippers. These have all their info, name, b-day, emergency contact, allergies,etc. I mention this because by mistake I put that both Matt and Aliya had an allergy to nuts. But really, Matt has an allergy to nuts and Aliya is allergic to bunnies. Her response to this was "Tarsha I feel strongly about this tag!" Of course she feels strongly about this. I mean with all the bunnies on ski slopes in MA, why didn't I mention her allergy to them on the sign-up sheet for ski lessons?! We'll see if she still feels as strongly about it next week.

It was time for the boy to get a haircut again. His hair was getting in those beautiful baby blues, and we can't have that! I took him to Snipt-its, this incredibly cool-for-kids hair salon. We don't have these kinds of places in Maine, and my mom or aunt always cut my hair while growing up, but I would have appreciated this kind of place as a child.

On Saturday, I brought the kids with me to volunteer at the church. Aliya made some cards but Matthew said "I want a different job." They made a friend and played while I finished my crocheting.

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