Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Girl... and the mean nanny

The Girl: I am thisclose (showing me a small space between thumb and pointer finger) to being a princess, but once I heard about Rock Stars, I think I am one of them!

Me: Oh, so your a rock star now? What kind of music do you sing and what do you wear?

The Girl: I play the piano and (long pause).... Tarsha what do rock stars wear?

Love, love love this girl's creativity and imagination! She can perform impromptu and tell a story like its her job. She's brilliant, talented and I think she belongs on stage.

She can also make a mess. And when I say a mess folks, I don't mean leaving some toys or clothing out. I mean leaving a tornado in her wake like mess with toys from several games and clothing from several days. This girl takes toys out from 10 different outlets and proceeds to the next stop. She takes her clothes off and leaves them where they fall. I don't like picking up toys I didn't get to play with and sassy dresses/shoes/boas I didn't get to wear. So, in the true Drill Sargent fashion I burst on the sense with last fall, I formulated a remedy/consequence/plan to this TOYS EVERYWHERE problem. In fact, this should kill two birds with one stone. You see, this very smart girl also needs some help with her penmanship. What better a consequence for leaving toys out and writing messy than having to write 5 times NEATLY: I will pick up my toys when I am done playing?! If she doesn't pick up her toys again or writes messy, she has to write 5 more each time. I delivered the news on Thursday and had her sign the page with all the info to show she read and understood the consequenses. I figure either way, we both win. If she cleans up the toys, YAY! If she doesn't clean up the toys, she'll practice her penmanship and maybe start cleaning up her toys! There has to be a lesson learned here folks, right?! Please pray! :)

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KateGladstone said...

To help with that penmanship: -- where you can visit the "About Kate Gladstone" page for the story of a girl with very messy, tornado-like handwriting who grew up to become a handwriting improvement specialist.