Friday, May 29, 2009

Hannah has Breast Cancer

Hannah, age 10, was unfortunately diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma, Stage IIA (Breast Cancer). This beautiful young woman, daughter, big sister, niece, granddaughter and beloved shining spirit is the typical 10 year old girl. She loves to play sports, ride her bike, watch Hannah Montana and just be a kid. Her positive outlook on life, as well as her strong will, will carry her through this trying time.
As I train and raise money for the 3 Day in July, I am becoming more aware of the impact breast cancer has on families. I've heard stories about young mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, aunts, and cousins having the disease and fighting for their life. But this young girl Hannah's story has impacted me the most! First, her name brings it home. My 5 year old niece Hannah means the world to me (and everyone else in our family) and just the thought of something this terrible happening to her seems unimaginable. No child should have to fight this. Second, she is only 10 years old!! Will this disease even allow her to become a wife, mother, and aunt? From her website: "The issue at hand is how to treat her as she is a child with an adult disease and the hospitals that deal with breast cancer do not typically treat children, and the Children's hospital do not have the facilities to treat breast cancer. We have two options at this point; (A) Hannah goes to a breast center that does not have the experience in children or (B) she goes to a hospital that has more pediatric care but not so much in the breast cancer area." Her parents must make these decisions. The journey Hannah and her family is on is a roller coaster, the big and scary kind people often opt NOT to ride. Hannah doesn't have the choice. She already had a mastectomy of the affected breast and is now undergoing chemo. She'll lose her hair, so she's having a party and shaving it off beforehand. Based on her website, Hannah is handling this well and eager to take care of business and rid her body of this cancer. Her strong will and positive attitude makes me excited to be a part of the Boston Breast Cancer 3Day walk to raise awareness and money for research to eradicate this disease.
Please consider making a donation to the Breast Cancer 3Day in honor of the Hannah(s) in your life. I sure will be.

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Christine said...

Wow, how vrey sad. I am praying for Hannah.