Tuesday, June 30, 2009


"Tosha, I NEED you" means come wipe me (won't he appreciate me blogging about that!?)

As I pull into Dunkin Donuts for a coffee, Matthew will most certainly say "I'm hungry", regardless of the time of day, if he has just eaten, or if he is falling asleep. This means he wants a strawberry donut, which he received the first time we ever went to DD together.

"Anybody wanna cuddle?" (said to Aliya and I) means he is tired and he knows it.

"Tosha, am I making good choices?" means he wants something.

"How much do I have to eat?" means he is in negotiating mode concerning dinner, and I must either ignore, or make eye contact until he says "All of it?!"

"Your mean" or "your not my best nanny" means he is having a hard time making good choices and I am making him take responsibility for it. Yes folks, he understands all of this. He is VERY clever.

"Oh no Tosha, someone glittered!" as he points to trash on the ground, commonly known as litter!

There are many more, I'm just blanking right now. He sure does keep me on my toes! Now that I know the back doors he takes to get his needs met, we work better together. Just in time for summer, when he and his sister will be spending 50+ hours a week with me :)

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