Thursday, August 6, 2009

3Day Journey Part 2

Sister support!
Team T's for B's (Tia, Tarsha, and Tia for Barb and breasts of our beloved!) Tracy, Tricia, Tarsha, Trina, Tanya, and Cousin Beth! They cheered me on Sunday through the finish line!

Tracy and I, she cheered me on with Daddy and Ben for 2 days!

My charismatic brother-by-law Ben!

My Mom came and walked with me for 4 miles on Saturday! Thanks Mom ~ I love you and appreciate your support!

For 3 days, between walking miles and miles, this is what I did. I think the stretching part was my favorite NO DOUBT!

My marvelous Bridge (small group) friends came to cheer me on! Thanks Jason for coordinating it! Joy, Me, Randall, Jason, Tim, Kristina, Aimee, and Lynn ~I am truly blessed to have these individuals in my life!

Joy, my training walk partner was at the finish line! Thanks Joy for training with me and cheering me on!
Daddy! My biggest fan! He solicited funds and support for me everywhere he went! He also signed up to crew in 2010! I love you Daddy!

Uncle Ric, Tia, Tarsha, and Daddy (Bruce) ~ Their sister, Aunt Barb died of breast cancer in the 1970s

I keep walking ...
In honor of my Aunt Barb and for my sisters, mother, cousins, daughters, friends...
Joy, helping me stretch
Thanks again to all who supported me, whether it was prayers, dying my hair pink, financial support, cheering me on or just asking me about the journey!

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