Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Some of my favorite memories from Twitter

What a difference a year makes...the boy just told me 'You make a great dinner Tosha!' 5:14 PM Sep 14th

The children and I are currently circling the things we want in the American Girl catalog we got in the mail today :) 5:33 PM Sep 8th

Aliya: I broke a pencil in class today to see how strong I was. The teacher didnt say anything she just GLARED at me! LOL 2:59 PM Sep 8th

Matthew just asked which we were going. When I pointed toward 495 he said "No I dont want to go on the spedway, it makes me tired!" 1:09 PM Sep 2nd

Matt and I are calling Davis Farmland to ask about the alligators. He swears they are real but he is 4 and I know these things!!9:25 AM Sep 1st

Dear Santa, Matt is now making good choices. He wants me to x out the last text, but let’s just say this one cancels that one :) 10:23 AM Aug 11th

Dear Santa, FYI...Matt is being grouchy, telling me he doesnt like me and saying he isnt going to do what I say.9:43 AM Aug 11th

Aliya: I saw a scary commercial on TV, dont they know kids are watching that? If she only knew how beyond her years she is...12:53 PM Aug 10th

"Tosha are your slivers all gone from your walk?" Matthew just asked me :) He meant blisters!2:49 PM Jul 29th

I love these kids...and to think they are my job!!!3:10 PM Jul 27th

Aliya wanted to know when i was going to get a massage for walking 60 miles and not complaining :)2:49 PM Jul 27th

He was so sweet he didnt want to hurt my blisters but he wanted to cuddle :)2:48 PM Jul 27th

Matt and I had a nap cause he is going to his Red Sox game with his Dad.2:47 PM Jul 27th

The Berenstain Bears get the Gimmies was just purchased at Walmart and a certain little man just told me 15 times that I am MEAN!11:43 AM Jul 22nd

I just told Matt mini golf cost extra money and he replied with " I dont mind if it costes extra money!"2:49 PM Jul 20th

The children are so tired they cant even be grouchy anymore. They r currently eating lunch & staring off into space chewing to stay awake1:34 PM Jul 16th

Aliya lost another tooth and she brought it to Maine with her. I hope the toothfairy finds it in Maine. Aliya informed me she would.12:03 PM Jul 14th

Aliya heard about MJ's Neverland Ranch and now shes convinced Neverland, where u never grow up, is a real place!10:24 AM Jul 9th

Aliya to Robbie-neighbor boy:Do u like me or like like me? Robbie: I like like u. Do you like me or like like me?Aliya:I like like u!1:34 PM Jul 6th

Matt:Are u a teenager Tosha? Me:No teenagers r 13,14,15. Im in my 20s. Matt: Oh so ur gonna die first?!11:08 AM Jul 6th

LOL Aliya just told her dad that she needed his help to the car because she has 6 bags! She is going to her grandparents for 2 nights.5:26 PM Jul 3rd

Matthew has a mohawk!!7:58 AM Jul 2nd

"Santa"(aka Twitter) has been added as a favorite on my cell and is now receiving text updates on behavior and diet for a certain lil boy!5:18 PM Jun 30th

Dear Santa, Aliya and Matt just ate green peppers and celery. I wanted you to know how proud I am of them. I bet you are too.1:50 PM Jun 30th

Aliya:Obama will probably be in the hall of fame too. He might stop the war, which would be a miracle!12:24 PM Jun 30th

Leaving VBS:Aliya- God is the coolest but Elvis is pretty cool too! Elvis was famous entertainment. Hes probably in the hall of fame.12:22 PM Jun 30th

My sleepy bookends :)4:29 PM Jun 29th

Matthew just told me he is going marry Sam and she is going to have a baby. Can I be their nanny?9:48 AM Jun 26th

Matthew wants to know if Michael Jackson knew God and if he grew wings. :)8:57 AM Jun 26th

So the boy just told the lady behind us in line, after I told her I was the nanny "She IS mine!" :)8:57 AM Jun 25th

Hehe...We are sleeping under the T. Rex! I have assured the children I will give them a million dollars if things come alive :)7:09 PM Jun 24th

Sitting in Boston traffic listening to the children talk: Aliya thinks she sees the Eiffel Tower and Matthew says he is allergic to wind.6:10 PM Jun 24th

Gearing up for our very own night at the museum! MOS in Boston tonight :)2:47 PM Jun 24th

After some bad choices and subsequent consequences, a certain little boy I love told me Santa wasn’t going to bring me any presents.3:45 PM Jun 23rd

Matthew: Owen hit the ball so hard it went in the water. He had to get it with his golf hitting thing.5:25 PM Jun 22nd

Aliya: How many times do I have to tell you I'm sorry Matthew? I was just a little grouchy!5:19 PM Jun 18th

Oh the boy...he sure is stubborn! He just held out for an hour before he would eat some celery!1:35 PM Jun 18th

Matt just asked his Dad if Arack Obama plays golf. "l think I seed him play before."7:30 PM Jun 17th

Matthew walked in my room when I had my sports bra on. He politely told me "oh that shirt is toooo small for you!"4:25 PM Jun 17th

Matthew:I like the Halo song Tosha. I wanna hear it! Me:Im sorry Matt, its not that songs turn on the radio. We'll have to wait its turn.9:49 AM Jun 17th

Shes 7 so I left out the alcohol and gambling parts...ya know what most people associate with Vegas :)4:46 PM Jun 16th

Sometimes people go to Vegas and have so much fun they decide to have someone who looks like Elvis marry them. And Vegas is very glittery.4:43 PM Jun 16th

Aliya: Is this Lady Gaga Waking Up in Vegas? Whats this song about? Well....4:02 PM Jun 16th

Matthew: A lot of men died at War. But God made new ones. We need to pray for them.9:37 AM Jun 16th

Dear Santa, FYI Matt says he will make good choices after this day, hows that work for you?4:56 PM Jun 15th

Matthew: I sleeped in my own bed all night! Can we go to IKEA now?11:38 AM Jun 14th

Taking Matt and Aliya camping in ME for their 1st time. Rain rain go away, Matthew cannot wait another day! He MUST.SLEEP.OUTSIDE.TONIGHT!2:36 PM Jun 12th

Matthew: My dad plays golf and works. Is it his work?! But he is still a dad when he plays golf.2:10 PM Jun 12th

Dear Santa, Matthew just fed Jazzy from the table after we went over the fact that this is unacceptable. Just wanted you to know.5:49 PM Jun 10th

Matthew: when I grow up I am going to be a major baseball player for the Red Sox. NOT the Yankees. We dont like them.1:14 PM Jun 10th

By the way, we are currently at Walmart getting a spring jacket,not registering for Matt's Christmas wish list. He doesnt know that though!8:30 AM Jun 10th

The list is growing for Santa (in June?!) Nerf, transformers, matchbox. He says thats it, moves 2 another aisle saying well maybe this 28:28 AM Jun 10th

Downhill raceway, color blaster, zero gravity micro, crash gage. These r toys Matt wants for Christmas. He wants me to write them down!!8:23 AM Jun 10th

Both children are convinced Jazzy the dog can smell the meat they are having for dinner! I caught Aliya trying to break off a tiny piece.4:44 PM Jun 8th

Matt and Aliya are arguing whose bike ride booboos are "badder". Matt is sure his are, but Aliya declared hers the most stingy.3:56 PM Jun 8th

Matthew: Wow its rocky out today! (He meant foggy)7:43 AM May 29th

Aliya just informed me that when she is about 18 she will be singing on the radio probably Karson & Kennedy our morning radio personalities6:53 PM May 28th

Aliya just told Matt not to call people fat, you should call them chubby. I'm not sure which is better? Maybe neither?5:39 PM May 26th

Aliya: I wasn't born to play sports. I pretty much just like the Red Sox, even though I am not a sports fan.11:56 AM May 22nd

Headed home to read: Dinosaur books for Matt, American History (including American Girl stories) for Aliya and Nora Roberts for me :)3:08 PM May 14th

Matt just informed me that "the Red Sox ALWAYS win!"8:06 AM May 13th

While repeatedly singing 'Love Story' - Aliya said "its my favorite song, but in real life, its a tragic love story!"6:44 PM May 12th

Aliya just told Matt not to sneeze into his hand because he could catch the swine flu.3:56 PM May 11th

Matt thinks they need a stop light at school because we usually have to wait 30 seconds. And I thought I was impatient!2:46 PM May 7th

Aliya: My (loose) training wheels are trying to tell me something. Its time to take them off!7:06 AM May 5th

I told Aliya the real estate people check for clean houses. She said, Your kidding, cause you have a mysterious smile. She was onto me!6:32 PM Apr 24th

About muffins Tan made that Aliya didn't like, "I didn't mention it cause if u don't have anything nice 2 say, u shouldn't say it at all!6:29 PM Apr 24th

Just left (Maine) and Aliya asks " Are we near home yet?"11:21 AM Apr 23rd

At 5:15am Matthew woke me up saying "I slept for 100 minutes!" I wish he had slept for 100 more minutes.8:28 AM Apr 22nd

Matthew just told me that I should have brought him soccer clothes! Good thing I'm on my A nanny game and DID bring them!1:47 PM Apr 21st

TypicalAliya trademark...8:00 PM Apr 17th
LOL Matt wants to know how our rental car got all my favorite songs in it!?2:33 PM Apr 17th

So apparently Aliya has 'retired' from soccer at age 7

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