Wednesday, October 21, 2009

And she shall be called...

Just to school you in the art of naming a boat, or in my experience, a tiny house on wheels!

Choosing a Boat Name

For those of you who have not yet selected your boat name, keep reading...
You'll find the top ten boat names from last year, celebrity boat names - or should I say, yacht names, as well as stories and pics of boat names from other FirstBoat visitors. You can even visit the Boat Name Blog for even more boat name ideas. Here we go...

Once you've picked out the boat of your dreams, you have an even more difficult choice to make. Now you must name her, which is not an easy task. You have several considerations, including classic superstitions, and whether your friends and family will be embarrassed or offended by the name you choose.

One boat naming superstition revolves around whether or not it is okay to rename a previously-owned boat. Some say it is bad luck if you remove an old name on a vessel. However, if you christen the boat with a new name and splash some champagne across the bow, you'll have nothing to worry about.

Many people name a boat after their spouse or children; this is nice, but you can run into problems if more kids are on the way. And, it's not very original. Think about how you paid for the boat when trying to come up with a name. You can always name your boat after your profession or industry; or if you are paying for your boat with money made in the stock market or gambling proceeds, perhaps you should incorporate that message into your boat's name. Of course, if you own your own company, it is a smart marketing move to name your boat after the company, and instill your brand at every port.

Coming soon :) Its very strategic and appropriately named, trust me!

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