Monday, November 23, 2009

Tarsha's Barn Raising

I have mentioned before that I make grand plans with all the details. Then God says "Tarsha now that your done planning, let me show you the plans I have for you". And His are always better!

Last week kept throwing me curve balls for my tiny house build. Location, materials, people couldn't come, weather, etc. I was very stressed and had a few pity parties for myself, some in the presence of others. My original builder got paid work and my Mimi's land is having work done, so I was left without a foreman, tools or location. At times I was convinced it just wasn't suppose to happen this weekend, but I wanted it SO VERY BAD still. To make a long story short, and to get to the good stuff, Saturday came and I was amazed.

It was built at my Uncle Norm and Aunt Lulu's home. Norm is a brilliant, knowledgeable, and master of all trades kind of guy. He helped me decide on materials and has given me priceless info and resources. He offered his home and tools, with the understanding he may not be there.

Joy, Randall, and Aaron came from Massachusetts to help start my Harper Joy. They built up from the trailer, insulating and creating my beautiful hardwood floor. Aaron also helped the children 'build'.

My friend (and groom for my trash the dress photos) Tim came to help built.

My sister Tracy came, took pictures, made and served a Taco Soup lunch. Ben came, took some pictures and nailed a few nails before he had to leave for a Greek exam.

My Mom came and brought lunch, pumpkin bread, and her husband Dan to help build.

My sister Tricia came and helped build the floor while her children 'built' a table with scrap wood, Styrofoam insulation and LOTS of nails.

My sister Tanya came with chex mix and pumpkin bread and her children who also helped 'build' and keep the place tidied up. Later she went on a run for yummy Wallingford's donuts and cider for my crew!

My sister Trina came for moral support with her husband Rob who helped frame the second wall.

One of my best friend Allison came to take pictures and video to capture it all. We made the first run to Home Depot for supplies and I showed her the shower I wanted. On the next run she made 2 hours later for more 2X4s, I whispered something to her as she left! I was elated when she returned with my shower!

My cousins Beth and Dave came and worked on windows and framing the walls for them.

My Dad came between work shifts and helped insulate my floor air tight!

And did I mention Norm was there all day and ran the show?! He must have heard his name 300 times as all my people looked to him for what to do next, how to do something, or where a certain tool was. He was so efficient, kind, and welcoming to all of us.

Several times I stopped what I was doing, looked around and thought 'these people are all here to help me build my home.' They came to work hard for something I want. They brought themselves and their resources here today to do something for me?! Wow, I am abundanlty blessed. I couldn't thank people enough. Some would say they didn't do much, but being there was enough. I joked that I wasn't tallying, and if I was Norm would win hands down anyway! :)

It was getting dark, we had completed all that could get done and so people went home. Norm, Aaron and I went to dinner REALLY close to Home Depot. After we ate, I busted out some paper to talk about supplies and the next steps. Well, once I started chatting and drawing, I giggled and asked the boys if they just wanted to head on over to Home Depot, since we were so close and all. :) They didn't mind, and so my pocketbook made its way there for the thrid trip of the day! It beat any shopping trip I have ever been on! We got all the supplies for my porch, an addition to my tiny home Norm suggested and I love.

Mark joined Aaron, Norm and I on Sunday, as did my Aunt Lulu. We finshed the walls, started putting up siding, and created tresses for the roof! I'll be there with bells on bright and early Friday morning with Mark....and whomever else might like to join!

Thanks again to my family and friends who came, gave of yourself, and made this girl feel very special! I love you!

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