Monday, March 8, 2010

Houston WE HAVE POWER~ Solar power that is!

Step 1: Mount solar panels on roof
Step 2: Connect Panels to battery box
Step 3: Battery power sent into house
Step 4: Connect charge controller, circuit breakers, inverter and batteries
Step 5: Get really excited when your panels are charging your batteries with 13.7 volts!
Step 6: Marvel at your work :)

Harper Joy is all hooked up to solar power! The 4 solar panels are on the roof, the battery box and its 6 batteries are attached to the front, the inverter and circuit breaker are attached to wall and endless amount of wires were cut, stripped are connected together! I was pretty proud of myself for my part in it all, which was very minimal, but exciting none the less!

Norm did a wonderful job of organizing all the supplies I would need, checking and double checking the connections and planning/executing the whole entire process! I tease him that he is Harper Joy's godfather, and with all the time and wisdom hes shared with me to build my tiny house, hes piratically half owner!

Harper Joy is now at Norms house again after another moving day. Next up is to put in the direct vent furnace and plumbing, T1-11 on the walls, painting, painting, and painting some more! I am excited to get the wails up and see just how cozy 144sq ft is! I ordered 4 stabilizing jacks so when Harper Joy and I find some place permanent (as permanent as you can get me anyway) the tiny house will be still and stable.

Dear God,

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity that is making my dreams come true! Only you could orchestrate the pieces and plans that have gone into building my Harper Joy. She is really not just mine, but yours and all the people who have built her from the trailer up. I am in awe of the experiences I have had in the last 5 months and the people who have been a part of it. Never, in my wildest dreams, would I have imagined I would actually have a place of my own with solar power, which was literally built with faith, family, and friends. I have always thought it was a grand idea, but I feel so blessed to see it unfolding before me. When I look at my life objectively, I am excited and overjoyed that I get to be 'that girl'! Thank you for this, for the blessings and smiles that I get to be a part of. Thank you for Norm and Daddy, my 2 biggest fans. When they call or text me with news and questions about my house, I have a smile on my face that spreads ear to ear. Daddy's giggles when he talks about fielding questions from the towns people and his friends, is music to my ears. Norm's eagerness and willingness to get each task accomplished the best he can for me and Harper Joy makes me feel spoiled rotten!

Please help me to be grateful and show my appreciation Lord. Please don't let me be content with all this time and attention given to my house, but let me also give my time and energy to others who need it. Let this experience be just what you intended it to be, not just my dreams and goal becoming a reality, but also a journey of faith and patience. Help me to 'be still and know you are God' after this time in my life of experiencing it daily.

In Jesus Name,


P.S. I will just laugh if when I finish my tiny house built for one, the man you are preparing for me is ready! But I will also understand if you want me to live in it as a single woman for a time. Either way, I'm happy!Just wanted you to know! :)

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