Thursday, April 22, 2010

Harper Joy in (RED)

The view from my loft at 7:30am ~ MUST paint before it rains! LOVE this man!
Ladies night in the loft

Boys night in the loft

Jason and Norm building my bathroom walls

with paint and kitchen installed

We painted the town house RED! Daddy and I (read: mostly Daddy) painted the tiny house on wheels this week and she is looking very sassy! Plumbing has also been started, shower installed, and kitchen moved in. Thank you Jason, Aaron, Bekah, Joy and Randall for coming up for this project! Jason worked on plumbing with Norm while the rest organized Norm's garage. I have the best friends a girl could ask for!
We had some slumber parties in the tiny house too. My sister Tanya and I divided and conquered (or told ourselves that is what we were doing). She took the girls and I took the boys one night and then we switched off. My loft sleeps 4, when 3 are little people anyway :) My loft has been christened, cereal is smashed into the carpet, Capri Sun spilt, and one fall from the ladder. (Hannah is okay, no battle scars from the incident!) I'm sure there will be many more memories made!

I am in awe! As this tiny house on wheels starts to look more and more like its tiny version counterpart, I still can't believe that this journey I decided to embark upon in September 2009 has turned into my little home by April 2010! I look at it each time I am there and can't believe its mine. I can't seem to comprehend that all these wonderful people love me enough to share their time, talents, and treasures. So many people have put their mark on my house, in so many ways. The memories that I have made during the last 6 months will be with me forever. Each time I walk into my Harper Joy, whether she becomes my full time residence, summer house, guest house, or Maine house, I will be enveloped in love and memories of the time I spent planning and building her with faith, family and friends. Thank you doesn't seem like enough, but I sure am grateful and appreciative of all who have given this special gift to me.
You see, my Harper Joy is so much more than just a little house on wheels. It represents success, self worth, love, community, faith, and hope. The verse from Psalm 23:5 "my cup runneth over" is pretty much how I can describe it. I just think about all I have been given in this life, and I am blessed. While so many people don't have some of the simple things I have, I recognize I have been blessed with so many complexities! I have wonderful and sustainable relationships with extraordinary people and multiple resources at my fingertips. I could not have build this house without them.
Dear God,
You know how I always tell you that your plan is better than mine? Here I am again Lord, and its still true. You have amazed me again with your intricate plans for my life and the people in it. Thank you for putting me in this place, with these people, and in Your timing. Thank you for my tiny house, the hands that built it, and the seeds that have been planted. Please help me to foster these relationships and be to them what they are to me. Please keep me centered on Your plan and in Your timing. Help me to see the opportunities past the obstacles and focus on You.
I hope you have big plans for my Harper Joy, and I will be happy even if they don't include me.
In Jesus name, Amen.


ruben said...

You rock! It's so awesome to see you take an idea and make it into a home. Very courageous of you!

Olivia said...

Congratulations! We're anxiously awaiting the finish of our own tiny home and can certainly relate to the feeling of elation :o)
Have fun on your journey!

ruben said...

I just noticed the solar panels!!!

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed our class at Harper Joy! What an amazing little house created through so much teamwork. I am writing my case study on individual creativity on you and your little house. Good luck on your walk and look forward to seeing you again soon.