Wednesday, May 19, 2010

IKEA Field Trip

My wonderful, most expensive and long awaited purchase!
Isn't it lovely? Practical too!
It opens into a double bed and has storage underneath! Harper Joy is ready for guests!
Thank you Larkins for such a great gift!

I got this fold out table for a bargain in the As Is section of IKEA! I am going to alter the legs a bit to fit over the wheel wells, but it should fit fantastically!
I met Tracy and Daddy for his first IKEA adventure. He bought me these lanterns for my porch! I can't wait to see them lit up! He enjoyed looking at all the cool stuff and all the things I could have used in my tiny house. This man and I think A LOT alike :) We loaded the goodies into his truck for him to bring to Maine. Daddy got some trinkets and he might just be back if he decides my idea to build him a tiny house of his own is a good one!

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