Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Little house that could

Harper Joy is on the front page of my hometown newspaper, (just a sneak peek, the article is inside)! Its just a little picture, but seeing as like things on small scales, its just my style! I am so happy with my journey researching, planning, building, and ultimately bonding with special people as Harper Joy came to be, and now I was able to share it with others! I was reminded of the amazing journey it was as Beth, (the reporter) interviewed me for the story. I have this tiny building, but it encompasses SO much more than just a small space to live!
Dear God,
Thank you for the reminder of the wonderful people and opportunities you have placed in my life. Thank you for orchestrating this journey just so, and showing me how You work in Your time. I know you have even more plans for me that are better than this girl could even imagine or dream of. I am open and trying to be still!
Love Me

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Whit said...

Congratulations on such successes thus far in life! Your house on wheels is amazing!

Much luck too with your other goals ahead.

You are a true inspiration for living small and green, but with a positive impact!

Whit King-Buker (fellow Minot folk)