Monday, April 25, 2011

My Hope is in You God, but my Joy is in...

...Bulgaria (with Randall)! Far, far away! My great friend Joy (as in the Joy in Harper Joy) went to Bulgaria with her husband Randall for 27 months. They joined the Peace Corp and are now pursuing their passions of travel and service work. I am very happy for them and I know they are happy too, but I miss them! We have Skyped and texted, but its not the daily chitchat we are used to. The plan is to meet up next summer in Bulgaria and travel to Greece. I'm quite excited for that!

A little trip down memory lane...

Pool party

Halloween (Fancy Nancy and a Lightbulb)

Polo Match

Ipswich Triathlon

July 4th

Camping in New Hampshire

Building Harper Joy

3Day Walk Boston

A trip to Maine

Andrew and Amanda's wedding

Rob Bell in Boston


Mustard and Ketchup :) ~ My 28th birthday

I love you guys! Miss you and think of you often. I pray your time in Bulgaria is blessed with many lessons and experiences. My hope is that you'll enjoy yourselves, learn A LOT, your marriage will continue to blossom, and in 26 months (1 month down!) you'll return to Massachusetts!

Dear God,

Thank You for placing these two wonderful people in my life when You did. They have both been such a blessing to me, as friends and family. Their love of You and their walk with You inspires me to be more Christ like. Their honesty and unconditional love for me has been amazing. Its been such an adventurous journey with them in my community. I cherish all of our memories made so far and I look forward to many more. Please keep them safe and happy God, and stay close during the hard times. Fill their Peace Corps journey with lots of joy, faith, hope, and love. And please squeeze me in there too!

In Jesus Name,



Joy and Randall said...

Tears, tears... tears of joy! I love you SO MUCH & can't tell you how proud I am to be your friend, Joy (as in Harper Joy)!

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