Wednesday, April 17, 2013

His Plans~ Part 2

January 2013 began and ended with Paradie, Sherman & Worden! The firm opened and I was eating, sleeping and breathing the place. I love the job and the people. I love dressing up, coordinating, organizing and working with adults. I sent in the last few papers for my home study process and got the much anticipated call from my social worker to set up our first meeting close to end of the month!

Hello God, what do you have planned for me?

February 2013 was so busy with meetings, paperwork, and organizing. I was on a high of the firm opening and the adoption process starting. I also decided the apartment I was renting just wasn't working out. I had so many issues that I started looking for a house to rent. I found a great little 3 bedroom that fit the budget and requirements. I moved in February 28.

Hello God, what do you have planned for me?

March 2013 brought with it more exciting opportunities and more work. After just 2 months in business, the current partners decided on adding one more to the mix. So I began the process of adding a new partner at work. I also began researching how I could buy the house I was renting. Cheaper rent, building equity, and owning my own home so I could paint, or pull up a carpet, if I so pleased seemed like a great idea. The research proved valuable, the landlords seemed excited, and the mortgage company said if I sign a purchase and sale agreement and apply for the loan before April 1, I qualify for PMI for 5 years verses the life of the loan. So on March 26, I signed a P&S and applied for a home loan.

I also decided that in order to keep the adoption from corruption, I would no longer do it independently. I contacted an agency with a program in Uganda. The social worker was honest with me. She said she'd love to work with me, but couldn't until July when her other families were further in their process. So I conceded to the idea I would have to wait until July, all the while completing everything I could on my end.

Hello God, what do you have planned for me?

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