Saturday, May 25, 2013

Form I-171h

I just want the WHOLE WORLD to know that I have a Form I-171h (favorable determination to adopt an orphan) from the Department of Homeland Security!!!!!! Next step, wait for my affidavit to arrive in Kampala so my case can be filed to get a court date!! Then I'll have a date to go meet my little lady!!  Tomorrow makes 7 weeks since I heard about my Imani Ruth and I am feeling so incredibly blessed, AMAZED, and in awe of God's handiwork! It may not be until August that I meet my girl, but this has been an incredibly fast paced and smooth process thus far. Humans have helped but God is orchestrating this process even FASTER than I imagined or could have planned! My God, He's good like that!

Oh and look who arrived! Meet Nora, Imani's doll that is filling some voids for this waiting momma!

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