Saturday, November 2, 2013

It's Happening

She stopped saying popopcicle.  She just says Popsicle now. 

Dis one, or Dat one is used to reference the person sitting next to her. 

She requested boots like Hannah and Johanna have, except in pink, not brown. This was at 6pm on Sunday night and she wanted to "go shopping now Mommy". 

She answers her own "why" with "cause."

"Please and TH-ank you Mommy?!" When she really wants something!

She's recognizing more letters and colors, zipping her own jacket, and putting her own shoes on. 

"I wanta dis" she tells me, often. 

She's asking hard questions. 

I watch her run off constantly; to go play again after a scuffle, after a bathroom break or after letting her mom get a quick squeeze. The little girl I see running off is not the same little girl I saw walk into the room on June 29. 

Her new favorite things are Docta McFuffins (originally Doc McF**kins), tangerines, and Papa. She loves a sleepover, your house or ours, and is elated when "ev-e-budy" gets togetha.

She says "mommy hold you" as she passes her arms for me to hold her. She's excited for Jesus' birthday and wondered if "Jesus come cuddle" on that day.  She loves love. She loves family and togetherness and Jesus. I think this girl is teaching me more than I am teaching her. 

It's happening. My daughter is watching me and taking it all in. She's growing, in every way imaginable, right before my very eyes. She's learning English incredibly well, speaking and understanding it more every single day. She's learning lots of western ways (many to my dismay) and developing her own little personality. She's physically growing too. She's heavier and taller I'm certain. 

If it's happening this fast already, I can't imagine what the next 10 years will be like. I tell her often that I don't want her to grow up. She laughs and I laugh with her, but a little piece of my heart just doesn't want her to lose more teeth, grow out of anymore of these cute clothes or start saying some words correctly without her little accent/mispronunciation. 

But alas, it's happening. So I'm soaking it all in and enjoying all these moments, making memories with my little girl!

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