Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I got a call!

I got my first phone calls yesterday from potential families. The first family, well I spoke with the Dad, was looking for someone for a few years. I have to be honest folks, I hope to be having and spending bucket loads of money on my own baby in a few years, not getting paid bucket loads of $$$ to care for other's children!! We left it at that and I was okay with it. But later in the afternoon I got a call from another family. Again it was the husband, (very impressed that Dad is helping find childcare) and this seemed like a better match. I have an interview with them on Saturday at 11am. Pray for me!

I hope to interview with several families. I want to have options and not just jump on the first one because the benefits are so attractive! In any case, I'll be making more each week than I make every two weeks right now :) I can see my student loans dwindling!

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michelle said...

Trashy! Good luck Saturday girl. I am excited for these new adventures you are going to have! Miss ya.