Sunday, August 10, 2008


Welcome to my blog! I have started this to document what I am doing as I venture out of Maine to Massachusetts. I will be a nanny after a year of service as an Ameri*Corps VISTA. This is mainly for family (my sisters Tanya, Tracy, Tricia, and Trina) and my best friends Allison and Jaimee so they feel close to me :) I hope to post pictures of the children I am caring for and our adventures as well as updates in my life away from home. Come back, ask questions and check out the blogs I view frequently.

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Kristen said...

UM...what? When did this happen? When are you moving? How will you finish school? Forgive all the questions. I am very excited for you and I think Boston will be a GREAT place for you (not to mention for me and baby to visit), but this is the first I hear of this plan!