Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"I'm so smart I get to start school at 4 years old."

Isaac was born on October 3, so this makes him 4 years old still, for another 5 weeks anyway. The cut off to turn 5 by is October 15th. He IS brilliant and ready for school so his parents decided to send him. He IS so smart that he can go at 4 years old! YAY YOU Issac Matthew!

I think his parents and aunts were more worried/concerned/anxious than he was. Isaac bravely got on the bus with all the confidence a 4 year old could muster and didn't look back. We stayed out by the road to wave, but Isaac was already occupied. I think as adults we understand this milestone as only the beginning of an adventure that (at the very least) will be 12 years, but these children see it for what it is, a day at school. Well for our babies it will probably be a 16-20 year adventure, but who's counting the years and dollar signs? :)

Hannah starts tomorrow!

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