Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tears All Around

Today was not as happy as yesterday. Hannah had a great morning but when the bus showed up, she changed her mind. She covered her face and wouldn't move, she was frozen. Her father picked her up, got on the bus and set her down in her seat. What a good father to help her cross that threshold in his arms! He then got off the bus and we all waved. She just sat there straight faced. We didn't even get a wave on the way back by.
I hurried to get to school (where her Mom -my sister Tanya-is a teacher) so I could capture that on camera too. She smiled when she saw me but it didn't last long. She lined up with her class, but when they proceeded to enter the school, she froze again. She just stood there like it would all go away if she didn't move. I glanced over to see Tanya wiping her eyes and trying to pay attention to her students, but wanting to rescue her daughter. I took Hannah's hand and walked her to her classroom where Mrs. Godbout said nicely "It will be easier the sooner you let her go" and she took her, crying with her face in her hands, to her locker. I took the hint but my feelings were hurt none the less. I remember feeling anxiety and being just plain frightened and I did not want my Hannah to feel that! I walked off but only because I didn't want her to see me crying. My eyes were full with tears and around the corner came Tanya. Her classroom is diagonal from Hannah's classroom. She said through her tears, "There are 2 other kids out there crying and there Moms aren't here!" We hugged as I left to call Tracy, Tricia, Daddy, and whoever else would answer their phone. I cried some more until I felt better. Tracy and Tricia told me Hannah would be okay and that Mrs. Godbout was only watching out for her. I laughed because I realize this, but in the moment I wanted to rescue her, not leave her!
I had to run an errand for Tanya, so I went back to the school at 10am. Tanya seemed in good spirits and I saw Miss Hannah. She looked sleepy but smiled at me and then returned her attention to the teacher. What a studious girl!
Isaac got right on the bus again this morning with a smile on his face. Let's hope Hanny's second day is better than her first.


Christine said...

We are going through similar things. ((hugs))

Christine said...

BTW, Hope you don't mind me adding you to my blogroll. :)