Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Boy: "I did not take a nap!"

Poor little guy has a cold and isn't feeling 100%. I have been stuffing his pockets with tissues so we have them readily available. We had a conversation about how it is nice to share toys but not germs! He tends to use his sleeve or hand if a tissue isn't right there. When I told him he needed to keep his hands clean and use tissues so he woulnd't spread germs, he said with his big blue eyes all serious, "But I don't eat them!" Sweet boy!
I brought Matthew with me to the Department of Motor Vehicles today. I can't get a library card without a state ID. I NEED a library card so the Boy can get books when we go to Wednesday Lunch Bunch! We started today and it was fun. I met some Moms and kids. I have to say that I had the best behaved kid there :)

The Navigator on my new cellphone brought me to a different Main Street!?!? I ended up taking a 45 minute detour and going by Downing Street. Then I looked in the rear view mirror and saw him completely conked out, and it was yet another great photo op. He doesn't usually nap, but apparently he was tired. On the way home I told Aliya about Matthew and my day. When I mentioned that Matthew had a nap, he came out with "I did not take a nap!" I busted out my camera and showed him how cute he looked.

Here is Miss Aliya after school today. She is as smart as she is beautiful! She reminds me of Bernice Matisse from Hope Floats! :)

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