Tuesday, September 16, 2008

September 23rd - 7PM

My friend Matt and I get to hear Elizabeth Gilbert speak about the book and her experience writing it. It is an awesome book and she is an awesome author! Matt sent me the book because he thought I just might like it. He was right! She took a year to travel Italy, Indonesia, and India. I was amazed by her descriptions of locations I had actually been to in Rome and felt like if I closed my eyes, I would be there. This book is funny, sad, and inspiring. If you get a chance, READ it! I'll blog about seeing her and hearing her speak. With any luck, I'll have my picture with her! Yes, I'm a geek. :)


Linda said...

neat, how exciting! I've always admired her. :)

Anonymous said...

Tarsha, why are there no pictures of your Rome friends in your collage? We did put up with your deodorant-less butt for a week. The least you could do is include us in your photo array!
How the heck are you? It sounds like the kids are a blast! How is MA? We miss you!
- Kristen