Saturday, September 13, 2008

"Do you like pearls?"

"This is so weird. We like a lot of the same things." This from Miss Aliya (age 6) when she saw my pink computer and we exchanged opinions on jewelry.

Everyone helped me move my stuff in and Matthew wanted to know if I had toys...good thing I came prepared!

So I moved my belongings into Joyce's room. Joyce (the previous nanny of 6 years) who I am taking over for. Aliya may have mentioned this a few times. Then she asked if I was going to leave. I told her I would be here for at least a year and maybe for even longer. I told her that sometimes adults get opportunities they just can't pass up, so they have to leave. I then mentioned if I leave after a year it won't be because of her, but that one of those opportunities has come my way. She said "maybe you'll stay a year, or two, or maybe you won't ever leave." I smiled.

She helped me make my bed and stuff the pillows into the cases. We looked through my jewelry basket and I showed her how I can change the ball in my ring to several different colored balls. Of course we had to change the ball to pink from black right away.

I introduced the kids to my people with photographs. They were very attentive. Matthew said Drew could come play cars with him at his house. Aliya said "all of your sisters have names that start with a T? That's like Ariel's family, only they all start with an A." Sure, I don't mind being compared to a fairytale mermaid, just as long as its not the previous nanny!

I spent some time alone, well with them outside my door playing and checking in every little while:) Then Aliya came in.

"Tarsha would you like to come to dinner with us?"

"Sure Aliya, I'd love to. What should I wear?"

"Oh a dress, and you should change your ring ball to green."

We did just that, minus me in a dress and had a nice dinner out. I am happy to be here and I look forward to starting on Monday.

Please pray for peace. I had a hard time leaving my Dad. I know hes a big boy; he faired fine without me before I moved in, and will now that I'm gone. But I just don't like him being alone. I cried as I left him and I am teary eyed right now as I think about it. I felt like I was going off to college and leaving my high school boyfriend behind. You know...I still love him, hes great, but I need to do this on my I'm going to follow-up on the girlfriend and/or roommate leads. Maybe that will make me feel better. Feel free to let me know if you have any.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sis, gotta love those old nannies! Perhaps I should lend you a copy of When Children Grieve so you can be a support for Ailya as she grieves the loss. Its big. Poor kid is trying to figure out how your "replacing" Joyce. It will help you help her know that there is no replacing going on. Her parents might like it too! I love you!
PS. I think you should change the ball back to PINK!