Sunday, September 14, 2008

"This is my poodle puppy and he was VERY expensive!"

Miss Aliya came around the corner all decked out in a cowgirl hat, boa, sassy sunglasses, tugging her barking brother and announced, "This is my poodle puppy and he was VERY expensive!" Of course he was! And what little girl doesn't have an expensive toy poodle (aka little brother) with whom she tugs around on a tight leash? I laughed right out loud and went to grab my camera.

She certainly isn't camera shy now is she?! And in case you couldn't tell, her puppy, I mean her brother, just adores her. I think in the space of 5 minutes today he was the daddy, the puppy, and the kitten. She's got him wrapped! Aren't they cute together?

So at dinner, after saying grace, the kids each say something they are thankful for. Tonight Matthew started and he said he was thankful for his grandparents. Aliya could hardly wait her turn and she burst out "Tarsha. I'm thankful for Tarsha!" I like this little girl. We are going to get along just fine. :) I said I was thanful for my friends, family and my new job! After all, I am VERY blessed.

I have officially started church shopping. Grace Baptist in Shrewsbury was the location of choice today. I felt welcomed from the moment I walked into the place. The message was about Characteristics of Friends and I enjoyed it immensely. He was clear, concise, and quick! They had a welcome lunch after, which normally I wouldn't go to because I feel awkward at those type of events, but I went. I am glad I did becasue I ate great food and met a couple (Christina and Andrew) who are both in med school. She lives on the same street as I do. I was elated! We exchanged phone numbers and are going to have coffee sometime.

I start tomorrow morning. Annie and I will take the kids to school. I'll get intorduced to teachers and see where to drop them off. Then I am on my own to pick Matthew up at 10:45am. Its not like this is a new task for me, so I'm thinking everything will be alright.


Christine said...

Can you give me a quick rundown of your life? Are these your kids? Or your sisters?

Tarsha Downing said...

These children (Matthew and Aliya) are the children I nanny for. Hannah and Issac, the ones I wrote about their first days of school are my niece and nephew.