Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Little Soccer Star

This is Matthew waiting for soccer practice to begin. No other children had arrived yet and he had already spent 20 minutes kicking all 100 soccer balls into the goal. He is so patient - I love it!
On another note, for the past year I did service for a few dollars an hour. Now, get ready for this folks....I have maid service. I actually have someone who cleans my bathroom! I almost took a picture but then I thought better of it. I mean I want these ladies to come back, and come back often. "Please stand beside my toilet and pretend to clean it again while I take your picture so I can post the picture on my blog" isn't a great first impression. Anyway, the Boy and I were off to soccer. So the cleaning service comes in and does their thing (not sure how often) but I am sure they will do it more than I will! :)
Annie, Aliya, and Matthew took me to dinner tonight for my birthday. Then they had an adventure in which I wasn't invited (code for buying me a birthday gift). Aliya wanted to know if I liked Webkins. Matthew just wanted to have ice cream for my birthday. Agendas and priorities, we've all got them, whether we are almost 27 or almost 4!
Tonight Aliya told me that I could come up to dinner with her family every night. I laughed because I know she didn't consult her parents on this. Sweet gesture though huh? We're friends!

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