Monday, September 8, 2008

Razor Blade Dance Party- Tarsha's Throat

I started feeling bad (think achy, tired, and sore throat/ears) on Wednesday night. I had appointments on Thursday, but was able to get an appointment at the doctors before.
When I told the nurse how I was feeling, he got out his tools. You know, the swabs? The nice nurse said stick your tongue out and say AAAAHHHHH, then he stuck two LONG q-tip swabs into my throat and wiped from one side to the other. Yeah, two swabs.
Then the nurse practitioner come in with her student Dr. in tow. They took turns looking in my ears, throat, up my nose and then felt my neck. Miss NO Personality told me I was fighting a cold, I have some post nasal drip and maybe some blockage in my ears. The rapid strep culture (one of the swabs) came back negative so she sees no need for an antibiotic, but she did give me a sample nasal spray. I prefer not to stick things up my nose and send them directly into my brain, but thanks anyway Doc!
I ask why the sore throat? She said the post nasal drip may be causing that. Meanwhile I'm thinking look lady, I'm pretty sure I always have post nasal drip and I don't always have a sore throat. If I am fighting a cold, I have a new strand! I left there with my tail between my legs feeling like 'am I overreacting?' but feeling ICKY nonetheless. Who goes to the doctor for the common cold Tarsha? Stop feeling bad for yourself!
My afternoon went downhill. I started feeling light headed and I had to miss taking my Hillview boys to play Squash with the Bates students :( I went home to sleep, be uncomfortable, and SWEAT. It was like I was running a marathon, but all I had to do was lay there (and have a pity party for myself while the razor blades had a dance party of their own in my throat.) By the way, I was the only one at my pity party. NOT FUN!
I slept all day Friday, waking up to the totally out of control razor blade dance party in my throat. I take more ibuprofen, sweat more and hope this 'cold' goes away soon.
I got a call this lovely Monday morning from the nice nurse who took the two swabs. "Tarsha your strep culture, one of the two swabs we took, came back positive. Its not the contagious kind, but we are going to put you on an antibiotic. Where would you like me to call that into?" WAIT, I have strep? Its not just a cold I was fighting? It was strep causing a razor blade dance party in my throat? Its not just post nasal drip causing a sore throat? You mean I wasn't overreacting? Wow, if I wasn't already feeling better, I would now just knowing that!!
I'm headed to Walmart to get my antibiotics. :) I am feeling better and will take every last little pill. I have NO TIME for icky illnesses!!

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Christine said...

I hope you feel better soon.