Thursday, October 23, 2008

Black Eye

This sweet little innocent princess...

Did this to her little brother!

It wasn't on my watch, thank God! I heard all the details this morning when I came up and saw the damage. It was done with a pumpkin (one from last weeks homework project actually). "We were having World War III," Aliya informed me. Apparently they both cried. Then she 'let' him watch Charlotte's Web with her and made him a craft. Nothing says I'm sorry like letting the victim do something you like with you! I may have done worse when I was younger and my little sister Trina took the Barbie I was playing with. Yes, she actually had the audacity to take my Barbie and run around the table! There was a yard stick (with a medal end), a bloody scene, several stitches and maybe a small scar on top of her head. Siblings! :) Love ya Trina!

This picture was taken on Tuesday after school. It was cold out and Aliya said "we should probably have some hot chocolate." So I made some, I mean who could argue with that?! Also, the kids love it when I get the mail on our way into the driveway. They watch with eagle eyes to see if there is a 'kid magazine' (and usually there is), then proceed to argue who will get to look at it first. I have to make a contest to pick a winner. Here is the combination of hot chocolate and a kid magazine. They sat for at least 30 minutes flipping through and discussing toys. This was what I kept hearing.

The Girl: Oh, I just love that!
The Boy: I should get that for you for Christmas and you can buy me this.
The Girl: OK Matt, we can both get one.
The Boy: Oh, I am totally buying this. This is SO cool!

Meanwhile, I gave them a pen to circle everything they wanted. After all, whats window shopping if you can't remember what you wanted?! Have I mentioned recently how much I love my job? :)

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Anonymous said...

Was there anything NOT circled in that kid magazine?