Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Vow to Myself

I vow to honor and value myself for all that I have inside.
Be happy and comfortable and know I am valuable to the world.
Be true to my heart and soul.
Be humbled by God’s plan for my life.
Silence the voices around me and live to honor Him.

I vow to keep life in perspective.
Be grateful for the small miracles of each day and thank Him for them.
Be a positive person but know that life is not always perfect.
Accept that which cannot be changed with grace.
Smile a lot. Never be afraid to be "me".
Be silly and sweet, sexy and innocent, shy and outgoing - all at once.
Never lose sight of the most important things in life ~ faith, family and friendship.
Always possess those most important qualities of honesty and sincerity.
Be loving, giving, trusting, and open. Always appreciate my friends and family
and the love they have brought to my life.

I vow to be selfless, kind, forgiving, generous, and nurturing
But strong enough to not be taken advantage of.
Have the strength to make my own decisions.
Know that I have done the best that I could in the moment.
Not judge myself for the decisions I made in the past.

I vow to not lose sight of the strong woman I have become.
Remember how much I have grown and how far I have come.
Remember although I must accept what I cannot control,
I must seize that which I can.
Remember that although I have learned to live alone and be happy,
It does not make me weak to want to share a bond with someone else,
But only a person who has much to give and share.

I vow to live my life to the fullest. To cherish this life I have been given.
Continue to live with no regrets and be the kind of person that I am proud of.
Truly LIVE life and be content with what I have experienced,
what I have felt, and the love that I have shared.
To know that wherever I go,
I can and will leave behind a mark in the hearts of others.

This is my vow.

~Unknown, but edited by me~