Wednesday, October 29, 2008

One million, two thousand... and eight Tangles

Aliya told me today that she has about 1,002,008 tangles each day. Fairies, I mean elves (Aliya informed me it hasn't been the fairies all along, but elves) come in and tangle her hair each night. Each morning, part of our very quick routine is me brushing her hair. She runs from me, tells me its fine, or on occasion she tries innocently lying about it already being done. Now, I understand sensitive heads, I have one. I use to love my sister Tanya to french braid my hair, but hate it when she was actually doing it! It hurt so bad and I know she wasn't pulling it, I just have a sensitive head. We are trying a new de-tangler at bath time!

Matt got another present today at school. A child who couldn't attend his birthday bash brought him a gift. He was excited and telling me all about the 5 matchbox cars he got. He only has 500 cars, so he clearly needed 5 more! I asked who gave them to him and he looked confused. Then he looked around at several classmates and just blew it off. Once in the car he said, "it was my brown friend." It took me a second to realize what he said and what he was referring to. You see, Aaditya, the Indian boy in his class had pneumonia and didn't come to his party.

"Oh your brown friend huh? You mean Aaditya?"
"Yup Aaditya." End of story.

Baby Stellan entered the world today and scored 9 and 9 on his APGARs. Thank you Lord! :)

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Christine said...

You are one fantastic nanny. Wow-- 500 cars-- and I thought the 30 or so cars thatmy boys had was alot!