Sunday, October 19, 2008

Successful Sister Sunday!

Tracy came to Boylston today to visit me! She met Annie, Peter, Aliya and Matthew, saw where I hang my hat now, and then we headed off to church. After church, like any sister duo with free time and no boys in tow (Ben is in NC), we went shopping! We got yummy fruit smoothies and shopped a bit.
While browsing, we happened upon a little place that does reflexology and massage. I just couldn't pass it up, so we assumed our relaxed positions for some much needed pampering! Tracy got reflexology and I had a back massage! Lovely folks, it was LOVELY! :) And of course, I busted my camera out at the end and took a couple photos.

As promised, here are pictures of the food from the party yesterday. I was a very busy lady at this party, so I only snapped a few photos with my own camera and the rest are on Annie's. As it turns out, I can be domestic. The moms loved the fruit shapes, the meatballs, and the dip. But the big hit was the ice cream balls (from L.L.Bean). The kids had to keep the ball rolling for 30 minutes to make their own ice cream. Matthew chose vanilla and chocolate chip ice cream and it came out wonderful! It was a great activity and the ice cream was so yummy! These balls make a great gift for kids!

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