Friday, October 17, 2008

Pretend that...

Aliya is the narrator all through playtime. I think she does this to let Matthew know what he is supposed to be doing. This is basically what I hear in various blocks of time each afternoon.
"Pretend that your the husband and I'm the wife, pretend I'm the little ducky and your the daddy ducky, pretend your the daddy and I'm the daughter, pretend I'm the kitty and its my birthday, pretend our mom died (I know- morbid), pretend NOOOOO Matthew, that's not how we are playing!!" He usually follows her lead very closely, but on occasion he has his own idea. Today, as I listened to her storytelling, I laughed right out loud and ended up embarrassing her. :( But I'm telling you folks, it was so funny!
"Pretend we are in China and we speak Chinese. Garba guba eek kaa marr dewy doop. Ok Matthew?" She looked at him to make sure he understood and I burst out laughing. She blushed and acted shy.

"How do you know Chinese Aliya?" I asked.

"I don't. I just made it up." And then shes onto another topic. "Pretend we are students, no wait, I'm the student and your the teacher, OK Matthew?" And on and on!

I played housewife for Matthew's birthday party tomorrow. The whole preschool class of 15 kids is coming to the house for this party, so I got recruited to help. And, just as every other 4 year old birthday party has, I made roasted red pepper dip and lamb/beef meatballs. I also cut up fruits and veggies with a star cookie cutter. Phew...hard work! LOL! I don't usually cook so I felt very domestic today. :)

I'll take pictures tomorrow when its all set up to show you my hard work. But I'll leave you today with an update of Matthew's afghan.
Here it is last week...

And here it is this week...

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Christine said...

You do a fantastic job knitting.