Friday, October 3, 2008

Under My Umbrella

We went to get umbrellas on Wednesday for two reasons. The obvious being that I don't like getting wet, and the other reason...well, all the other kids at preschool have ridiculously cute umbrellas for these raining days we have been having, and I don't want my Matthew left out!

But first, let me give you some background on why this was so important for me. For you readers out there who know me, you know I do everything FAST. I walk, talk, drive, and even fall in love fast. Well folks, as fast as I do things, my new little friends Matthew and Aliya do things slow. They eat, walk, talk, and even pick up their toys S L O W L Y ! I mention this because even when it is pouring buckets outside, as it has done several times in the past 2 weeks, Matthew still gets into the truck C A S U A L L Y, gawking and fidgeting all the while. Meanwhile Nanny Tarsha, who doesn't have a rain jacket, gets soaking wet!

I went to Walmart directly from preschool on Wednesday (one of those rainy days) and set out to get us both an umbrella. I got myself a golf umbrella which can basically protect a small army from the rain. This comes in handy for me because I can prop it up on the roof and door of the truck as Matthew C A S U A L L Y gets in on rainy days!

Matthew was not impressed when I asked a clerk where to find kid umbrellas and she directed us to the girls department. "I don't want a girl umbrella Tarsha." he whined. "Of course you don't Matthew, but lets just see what they have." Well, much to his and my surprise, after being bombarded with Dora the Explorer paraphernalia, we spied a shiny red, one of a kind, (and personal favorite of Matthew's) Lightning McQueen umbrella with a car for the handle! Seriously, check it out in the picture! And it was only $2.77 to boot! SCORE!


Imagine the happiness radiating from us! Me, a 27 year old woman and Matthew, an almost 4 year old boy, leaving Walmart on this fine rainy day with our brand-spanking-new golf and Lightning McQueen umbrellas popped up like we just won the megabucks! Life is good. Bring on the rain!

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