Monday, October 6, 2008

"I'd be pink if I were a Ninja!"

I would have to agree-pink is a great color! Miss Aliya casually mentioned this today on the ride home from school. Oh the things that run through her head! This girl is always casually mentioning things. Like at dinner last week, when we were having a Matthew-Aliya-Tarsha date night at Friendly's. We were headed home after to watch Flika and I was thinking all was going well in the world of Nanny Tarsha. It was silent as they ate their food until all came crashing down. Aliya looked at me and said (very seriously, not sassy or mean at all) "You know, it was waaaay better with Joycie. She didn't time me when I picked up my toys, she helped me pick them up, and she took me to McDonald's. And you know what else? It was CRAZY -but she let me watch TV for as long as I wanted!" Way to put me in my place huh? I guess I am doing my job. :) And FYI, I do help her clean up her toys, I am just very strategic about it. It would take her twice as long if I didn't. Maybe after she earns her trip to IKEA, she might sing my praises? I won't hold my breath.

The boy was sick today :( While he was eating lunch, I went downstairs for about 5 minutes. When I went back up, I walked around the corner and found him sleeping soundly on the couch. I got my quilt and covered him. He slept for 2.5 hours. Last week I told him about how I had built a model car and that we could build one together too! He wanted to see this model car I had built (he probably doesn't believe me) so I told him I would get it from my Dad's house. I forgot to grab it this weekend. I was sad about that when he woke up today. "You were going to show me the car you built."

Did I mention Miss Aliya is Super Star Student of the Week? This is a big deal folks! She gets to bring something in everyday for show and tell. On Friday, she is bringing her parents in! How cool is that? Her exact words, in her true dramatic fashion, "I almost fainted when they told me!"

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