Sunday, October 26, 2008

Who needs George anyway?

Yes folks, you are indeed seeing it right! Miss Aliya found this $1 bill in her pocket and proceeded to deface it that very afternoon. She is always cutting and pasting, so I didn't think any different of it on Friday. When I went to check out her latest creation, I was a little surprised. I laughed and then just said "Aliya we don't do this to money. We can talk to daddy about it when he comes home." I wasn't implying she was in trouble, but I didn't know how to explain it to her in a way she would understand. I thought I'd save that lesson for Dad. However, she took it to mean she was in trouble and that I was going to tell on her, so she was right on it when he got home. She brought the now 2 piece $1 bill to him and started crying. "I did this today Daddy." He gave her a lesson on federal currency and how this is valuable because you can trade it in for gum and candy at a store. Right, why didn't I think of that?! I'll let you know what we do with this $1 bill that no longer portrays our first president sitting pretty.
IKEA turned out to be a real success! Turns out Smaland (the play place at IKEA that Aliya earned a visit to for picking up her toys 5 days in a row) is a babysitting service for IKEA visitors. Adults aren't welcomed. I signed my life away, got a stamp on my hand that matched the kids, and was given a beeper in case the kids 'missed their mommy' before time was up. "Oh I'm just the nanny and I didn't realize this was a babysitting service." Both children were looking at me as if to say "You didn't think we wanted you to bring us here to play with you?" I got the point and set off to have some Tarsha time in the IKEA cafe. It was a nice break for me and the children had a good time playing in the balls and watching Incredibles. I went to get them to eat dinner in the cafe. Matthew wasn't impressed with the options, surprise, surprise! He ended up getting an apple juice and eating some of his sisters fries.

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Linda said...

got a chuckle about the defacing of poor ol George & I LOVE the boots!! Too bad you didn't buy them...