Saturday, November 29, 2008

A glutton for punishment!

Hannah (5), Liam (18 months), Drew (2.5), and Issac (5) with Auntie Tarsha
The Grandkids with Mammie

A few weeks ago when I was missing my babies in Maine, I offered to take all four of my sisters children for the day after Thanksgiving. I love these children and miss them lots, so this seemed like a brilliant idea! I thought I would load them up and head to Mammie's (my mom, picture above) for the day! I had originally planned to take them for a sleepover at Papa's on Thanksgiving night, but someone didn't make good choices and so two of them went home with Mom and Dad. This was sad, but all just part of God's plan to keep Auntie Tarsha sane for the next day! Mom and I thought we should have some pictures of the kids and us together, and this proved to be challenging. Can we all show our eyes and smiles at the same time please?

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