Friday, November 21, 2008

"Do Grandpa's have babies?"

Matthew and I were at Friendly's for lunch today when he asked this question. I was going to explain about grandparents having babies and them being our parents, when I turned around in my seat and saw why he was asking this particular question at this particular time. I saw a 'grandfather-like' man with a 'pregnant-like' belly. Oh my goodness, did he just say that as loud I as think he did?

"Do you mean have babies in their belly Matt?" I asked much quieter than he had asked the original question. He nodded his head and proceeded to stare at said man. Still giggling, I said, "Matthew, please look at Tarsha (to stop the starring). No, men don't have babies in their belly." Before I could say anymore, he piped in loudly, "Then why is his belly like that?"

Oh dear...I hope that man didn't hear him! I leaned in on the table and whispered, so if he wanted to hear he would have to come close, "Sometimes when people eat too much, they get a big belly. It doesn't mean they are having a baby though. And remember we don't say things out loud about people being fat? It might hurt their feelings." He smiled, that was that, and onto the next topic. "Can I get sprinkles and cone with my ice cream today?"

After Friendly's, he wanted to go do 'the money thing'. "You know Tosh-a, with the letters?" You see, yesterday we got a package in the mail. Matthew always gets excited when this happens, even if it is an American Girl Doll item for his sister or a book for me. He shouts "We got a package! Oh, I hope its for me!" I explained that this package was indeed for him, and Aliya, and we were going to learn about money. The package was from Crown Financial Ministries , and it is going to help me teach them about earning, then giving, saving, and spending money. I did an activity very much like this with my Aspirations Club (middle school students living in low income housing) while working at Lewiston Housing Authority. However, Crown ties in the bible and all the reasons why we should give and save money. Check it out! I took the adult class (twice) and it was very informative and eye opening! FYI, if you want to know if you are compatible with a potential partner, take a class about money with biblical teaching, you'll learn REALLY fast how compatible you are! I might have learned this first hand, and would just like to throw it out there! :)

Matthew and Aliya are smart, sweet, and adorable, but they have a hard time giving their things up. For example, we went through their clothes and toys and weeded out. They were having some trouble with the idea that their toys and their clothes would now be played with and worn by other children. So, we did a second round of weeding. This time we went through the stuff to be given away, and did some take backs of the 'special stuff'. Then, we had to take pictures of the give away toys so they would always remember them. I tried to clump them all together, but both children corrected me and laid their toys out so each toy got its place in the pictures.

I am excited to teach them the value and meaning of money. It will be especially easy (on my wallet anyway) seeing as it won't be my money I 'pay' them with. I'll post about our lessons. :)

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coreytimes said...

Tosh~a, you'll have to say it outloud to me, I just can't get it.

Out of the mouths of babes,I believe it is.

Sometimes bellies get like that because of caloric intake, what they eat, not how much they eat. You know tie it in to your cause of eating good foods.

Love you Tosh~a. See you soon