Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wrapped in Love in MA!

Here are my friends Matthew and Aliya with the afghan blankets I crocheted for them. They kept me warm while I made them and now I hope they will keep the children warm and feel wrapped in love! Aliya grabbed the letters they were playing with and they set themselves up like this. Yet another teaching moment...MA = Massachusetts.
Here is Matthew last week. He kept saying he was tired while I was shopping for some shoes for him and Aliya for Halloween, because Tinkerbell NEEDED green ballet type shoes and Batman NEEDED black shoes. Right?!?! I suggested he take a rest so he would have lots of energy for trick or treating. I wrapped him in the blanket and sat next to him crocheting Aliya's as he slept. Then it came time to pick Aliya up, so I picked him up, blanket and all and loaded the sleeping Prince into the car.

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Anonymous said...

What an AMAZAING nanny you are! They wer clearly excited. Good call, sister. Love you.