Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Date, Dolls and a Death

What a weekend...
Friday night I had a date planned, but he stood me up?!? I don't have a horror story; I didn't end up at a restaurant by myself and I wasn't all dressed up with no where to go, he just never called. So, I have sworn off men for the entire month of November. I am happy to report it is going very well so far! :)

On Saturday, Aliya and I met Tanya, Tracy, Tricia, Trina and Hannah at the grand opening of the new Natick American Girl store!
"Look at that outfit, it is so cute!"
"I'm going to buy this one."
"Do you think she needs glasses? She doesn't have many accessories."
"She NEEDS jeans to go with her Chicago, New York and now Boston t-shirt!"
"What's your favorite? Mine is the cowgirl outfit with the horse."

These comments are all from the big girls of course! Imagine, 5 grown women (Downing sisters at that) in a doll store, far more excited than either little girl was! Aliya wanted a book and Hannah wanted one sweatshirt for her doll. If I were their ages again, I would have been way more impressed! Heck I was NOW at my age! Us big girls thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and Cornis (Hannah's American Girl doll) made out better than any sister did all day. She got a Boston shirt (to go with her Chicago and New York City shirts Tracy and I got her when we went to the American Girl stores in those cities), a sweatshirt, and an entire outfit including the must have jeans, a shirt, and shoes! There was the option of getting your American Girl doll's hair done, but I saved the day and $10 by doing it myself for Hannah and Cornis at Aunt Tracy's house. It was another successful sister shopping trip and we gave new meaning to shop until you drop! Here is Miss Hannah girl 2 minutes after sitting in the car...

On a lighter note, today has been a very long and sad day, and the hour we gained only had a small part in it. You see, Chance, my sister Tracy's much desired, much dreamed about and much begged for first puppy, went to Heaven today. She was 12 1/2 years old and her body was failing her. She couldn't walk, wasn't eating and had a hard time getting things out :( This is no way for a loved one to live, even when you don't want them to go. Tracy and my brother-in-law Ben had to make the decision of when. After a long night last night, they called the vet this morning and got a 10am appointment. Tanya sent pumkin bread, a personal favorite of Chance's since stealing a whole loaf as a puppy. She didn't care for the donut hole or doggy bone we gave her, but when the pumpkin bread arrived, she eagerly ate 2 muffins and wagged her tail. What a way to go out! We'll miss you Chance. Thanks for the memories and say hi to Grampa for us. I'm sure he was so very happy to see you!


The Corey Adventures said...

Nice summary of your weekend Tarsh. Thanks for the piece on my girl. Missed, she will be. It is AMAZING at what a presence she had in our home. It is sooo empty here. We are so grateful for all your love and support.

Anonymous said...

OK, so first off, I hate the American Girl store. My niece was a fan and when I lived in NY, we had to go there. If you ask me, the whole idea of the dolly hospital and the dolly hairdresser and all the other silly dolly stuff is just freaky. My kid will never have one of those dolls.

Secondly, I am so sorry for your sister's loss. Knowing how much I love my own sweet little ball of fur, I can't imagine how heartsick she and her husband must be. They are most certainly in my thoughts and prayers. And I am sure that Chance has crossed the rainbow bridge and is waiting patiently until they can be together again. How wonderful for a dog to be so loved!

We miss you Tarsha!

Linda said...

That is really really sad about the dog :(. It's always hard to loose an matter how old they are.

I LOVE how all you girls loved the American Girl store!!! You guys are a hoot!!! Big girls can have fun too!!!!!

Doll Clothes Gal said...

Great post - sounds like you had a blast. I think AG is over priced but they are the best doll around and they have books to help girls cope with growing up.