Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Let's talk about American Girl Dolls"

What have I started?! Aliya wants to talk about American Girl dolls ALL the time. If we are talking about something else, and she wants to discuss them, she doesn't do it nonchalantly. "Let's talk about American Girl dolls now Tarsha" or "I want to talk about American Girl dolls now." It is actually cute, and the little girl in me who loved playing with dolls (and still loves holding little babies) comes out! We have discussed every possible scenario of if/when/and after Samantha Larkin comes. She has already named her, well changed her name anyway, and declared this doll hers. Yesterday she told Matthew, "After Christmas Tarsha and I are having a play date that is just for girls. And, well, boys aren't really welcomed. This is a special time just for girls." She turns to me and continues, "When we go get Samantha new clothes and the back to school bag after Christmas..."
I may have fueled the fire when we stopped into the Natick American Girl store yesterday on the way home from the Children's Museum in Boston. (I'll post about that next.) She brought in paper and a marker to write down all the stuff she wanted. We have already discussed that we simply cannot buy anything this close to Christmas, because we don't know what Santa will bring and it will hurt his feelings if we buy it for ourselves. She ended up getting a catalog and circling all the things she wanted. She thinks Samantha needs glasses and the Feel-Better Kit, so I pretended to be buying something for my niece Hannah and bought them both for her from Santa. I figured her mom wouldn't mind, and she didn't! :) Aliya is always pretending that her leg, arm, finger(s) etc. are broken, and she makes a cast with tissues, paper towels or newspaper. (Sound familiar sisters?) This kit will help her out immensely, when/if Samantha falls, is dropped or gets hurt playing. I see A LOT of role playing and pretend hospital visits in my future!

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