Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Polar Express and A Gingerbread House!

I made hot cocoa, gave the kids a candy cane and let them watch Polar Express. The whole entire movie, not just 30 minutes either! We have talked about my train ride this weekend to the North Pole on the Polar Express, and I wanted them to see the movie. Aliya grinned saying, "Are you REALLY going? Will you take a picture of the elves for me?" Matthew piped in with "I REALLY want to go to the North Pole." I explained that because the North Pole (aka Portland, Maine, but they don't need to know that part) is so far away, I think their parents would like to go there with them. They proceeded to have a conversation about when the best time to go was. "Not summertime because Santa is on vacation then. I think Christmastime is the best. Yeah, Christmastime. We had better go soon!" This from Miss Aliya :-)

I found the recordable ornament I was looking for as a Christmas gift from the kids to their parents. The kids sang a song and signed off with their precious! The ornament has a small frame in it as well, so Matt and I went to Walmart to pick up the picture today. While we were there, he spied with his little eye (we play this game often) a gingerbread kit! I got it and we made plans to build it after dinner. It was so funny to watch the dynamics of gingerbread house making. Aliya was doing it in full Aliya fashion, very creative, eating one candy for every one she put on the house, and licking her finger tips OFTEN! Matthew on the other hand, was all business. He got upset when she didn't follow the picture on the box. "Its not like that Aliyaaaa. Those go there!" I had to explain (while laughing) that it was their gingerbread house and they could do it anyway they wanted, it didn't have to match the one on the box. I also had to tell him that eating some of the candy and licking the icing was part of the fun too. I got his little grin (like the time at Friendly's when we got our food and ice cream at the same time!) and he ate a piece of candy!

On a side note, Aliya got some icing in her hair, the hair around her face to be exact. When she couldn't get it out herself, she opted to CUT it out. She came to me (after) and said "You know how when you have a bad knot in your hair and you can't get it out, you have to cut it out?" It was 7:15pm and I was holding Matthew, who was sleeping, so I just sat there kind of numb. I was trying to decide if I wanted to laugh or start worrying about what her mom was going to say when she got home (anytime now).

"Did you cut your hair?" Holding back a laugh and hoping she didn't, because I couldn't see it.

"I did but you can't tell and no one will notice and its alright!" Clearly trying to make light of the situation.

"Aliya, Tarsha could have helped you get it out, you didn't need to cut it. You are not in trouble but we have to tell Mommy when she gets home so we can decide what to do."

"Well Tarsha, I am the one that did it so its only fair I tell her OK? OK Tarsha?"

"Yes Aliya, you can explain it to her." And she did, the same way she did to me. Of course, her mom was planning on taking some Christmas pictures this weekend. Its not really that bad, but she does have half bangs now.

Dear God,

Thank you for blessing me with this job, these children and in this location. Thank you for my family, my friends, and the obstacles I face and learn from daily. Thank you for the opportunity to go to Guatemala and serve your people there. I feel very fortunate this holiday season when I think of all the people who have lost loved ones, a home, or a job this year. I am reminded of how blessed I am to have my health, my people, my job and a safe place I can call home. Please be with those individuals Lord, those families that are struggling as we celebrate Jesus' birth once again. Please grant them a sense of peace during this holiday season and may others give so they may receive. Help us to remember that He is the reason for the season and that giving is too. Be with me Lord, as I head to Guatemala and see some of the saddest sites I have ever seen. Prepare me and my heart for your purposes Lord. Please keep my family and friends safe, happy and remembering the reason for the season.

In Jesus Name,


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