Thursday, March 19, 2009

Golf, Green and Good times

The girl NEEDED a new green dress for St. Patrick's Day, so we went shopping. After all, one must go all out when it is an out of uniform day at school. One dress she had wasn't green enough, another was to small (so she claimed), and still others were just not right. Apparently this one (shown here trying to sell it to me in the fitting room) at Walmart was green enough, the right size, and just right for this Princess on St. Patrick's Day 2009!
Here is Matthew, waiting ever so patiently, for his playdate to arrive. His concept of time isn't quite worked out yet, so he kept asking me how long, and then showing me with his hands as if he were showing me the size of the fish he just caught, how long it would be until William S got here. William arrived 10 minutes late for the 9am playdate, and those are very LONG minutes when you are a 4 year old waiting for a much anticipated playdate. Matthew is a great host and I see more playdates in his future!
Here is what our days have been filled with most recently. Indoor sports, including mini golf - Larkin House style. You see, if you have tees, you must use them!! Even if you don't REALLY need them, you improvise. It worked well enough, except when he would hit the plastic golf ball as if he were hitting a real one, so hard that the tee would go flying! He would go retrieve both and I resumed setup.
And FYI, Matthew says I am a Larkin now, seeing as I have lived here for a while and spend so much time with them. Just thought I'd share :)
We have been going outside to play soccer. We have also been playing soccer, football, and basketball inside. How do I play basketball with a 4 year old and a 4 foot high hoop? Easy...I just sit cross legged at the free throw line and shoot hoops, when I'm not guarding the little man and pretending to block shots. It brings him great pleasure and we giggle and count points.
We are in week two of 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk Training! When I say we, I mean Matthew, Joy and I! We meet Joy at the mall and walk for about 3 miles. For being patient and cooperative, Matthew gets to play on the floor game after. We are working out a system of what to bring, how many times we pass the Disney store, and when its time to play. I will be posting more on this and asking for your help! :)

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