Monday, March 9, 2009

The Rodeo

I give the kids a bath once a week as part of my job description. We do it in the late afternoon before dinner and I have always just put them in their pajamas after. Last week was a little different, for a few reasons.
You see, we have a bit of construction going on here. Two out of the three bathrooms are no longer in order. Last week while the family was away at Disney, their bathrooms with the bathtubs were torn out to make way for new and improved bathrooms. Sounds kind of like Extreme Makeover huh! :) My bathroom, which only has a shower, is now the go-to bathroom. (I grew up in a house with 7 people to one bathroom, so this doesn't bother me. However, Annie and Peter are a bit skeptical.) Anyway, I have to give the kids a shower now, as opposed to a bath. I had to explain to them that I didn't need a shower and I didn't want to get wet. We have the removable shower head, so this is possible! Also, we couldn't have a half hour shower like the usual half hour baths because that would waste A LOT of water. The kids didn't take to this idea very well, but we made it work. I managed to only get a tiny bit wet and they had a grand time (as per giggling quota)! Once out of the shower, as usual, I had pajamas ready for both children. Aliya protested saying, "I'm not wearing pajamas. I am going to the rodeo with my boyfriend!" She raced past me and headed upstairs. I finished getting Matthew in his and we headed upstairs. This is what we found.

You can't see it, but she has on a little jean skirt with cowgirl boots along with her suede jacket and cowgirl hat. She came to me with the bandanna and asked how cowgirls wear them. Meanwhile her parents called and were coming home to get the kids and take them to dinner. So I have one child in pajamas and one dressed in full on cowgirl gear. Aliya keeps insisting that she is going to the rodeo with her boyfriend (Eric the imaginary one I am assuming) and now has added a horse and lasso into the mix. (Have I mentioned before that she is so much like Bernice Matisse from Hope Floats! Such an imagination!)

I changed Matt into regular clothes and transferred watch of the boy and the cowgirl to their parents! I love my job! :)

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