Monday, March 9, 2009

"We just keep turning around!"

I have officially started 'training' for the 3 Day -60 mile Breast Cancer walk I am taking part in this July (more to come about that). However, the weather doesn't permit me to walk outside so I have started walking with my friend Joy at the mall. I took Matthew last week and simply explained I need to walk a lot and we will be doing this at the mall. I brought his stroller, but he did run walk for a short time with us. He mentioned that there was 2 Disney stores and we just laughed. We walked the loop at least twice before Matthew announced, as if we didn't know, that "we just keep turning around!" We laughed and explained that this is what 'walking at the mall' entails. He wasn't impressed and said "we haven't gone upstairs yet". We switched it up for him and went upstairs.

Once Matthew wanted to ride in the stroller, I realized we had a problem. The stroller was not made for a girl my height to be pushing a child while training for an important walk. I was reaching to push the stroller without kicking the pole that runs across the bottom. Slouching is absolutely not permitted so I started contemplating options!! I discussed it with my wonderful employers and here was the solution! We (meaning Matthew and Aliya and I) are proud new owners of this fine piece of machinery, or as the builder said "that is a Cadillac!" It is a double jogger, made especially for a girl my height to push TWO children while training for an important walk! How blessed am I ?!

I plan on using it at the mall until I can use it outside, which is soon hopefully.! Then this jogger and I will log a few miles between walking to get Aliya at school and daily walks! Many thanks to Peter and Annie for supporting me in this new adventure!

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